Hi, I am Himanshu

ML Enthusiast

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What I do

Web Development

I love designing and creating websites which convey their messages by being being responsive and aesthetically pleasing using MERN stack.

Machine Learning

I have been working with Decision Trees, RandomForestClassifiers, SVM’s , various gradient boosting techniques (like xgboost, catboost etc), ensembling, stacking, various CNN architectures such as VGG, AlexNet, ResNet for Computer Vision and Gated Rectified Units, LSTM , BiDirectional LSTM, Transformers for NLP. The main libraries which I have been using are Keras, Tensorflow, PyTorch, Sci-Kit, Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib. Some I kaggle !

My Work

Who I am

Full-Stack developer || ML Enthusiast

I am a prefinal undergrad at NIT Raipur pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering who loves learning new things. I am passionate about Computer Vision (particularly perception and interaction with 3d vision) and autonomous mobile robots. I will like to do my research in usage of Computer Vision for autonomous mobile robots, Mobile Robot Localization, Autonomous Map Building (like SLAM), planning and navigation. In my leisure time I like to kaggle or learn cyber security (CTF's are really like playing games) or play Fortnite.

Things which I enjoy

My work

A glimpse of my range of work